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Ripa swore that discord just wasn't there. Speaking to People days before Strahan's final show, the mom to Michael , 20, Lola , 16, and Joaquin , 15, insisted she bore no ill will toward him and his decision leave after four years. I think it is a perfect match, I really do. It was just hard not to feel slighted at being left out of the conversation. Particularly when former cohost Regis Philbin did basically the same thing when he signed off in Except that Ripa learned of his exit roughly 20 minute before he informed viewers on air.

She's fine.

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So much has been written about this situation and how it was handled. I've been a TV executive or producer for 25 years, so I'm always fascinated to see how TV things go down. I can't say this went down the greatest way. Katie Couric , no stranger to the shuffles that can occur on morning television, agreed, telling reporters, "Clearly feelings were hurt and clearly she wasn't included in the process.

Even Philbin weighed in, telling the photographers who approached him on the streets of New York City, "The should've told her in the beginning. For his part, Strahan admitted to People that he "wasn't surprised" by Ripa's reaction.

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Still, he stressed, he wasn't the bad guy here: "I don't want people to see me as, 'Oh, he just ran out, just left them there. Really it was a joint decision to have Strahan trim down his original five-month notice to just a few weeks. The move allowed GMA to start incorporating him into segments before he started full-time that fall and it gave Ripa the chance to get a jump on her co-host search before the show went dark for summer break.

We need to find people. If we're going to have this list narrowed down at least to a manageable size by the fall, we need to start now,'" she told People. Because Ripa had a slew of interested suitors. While her pal Cohen immediately begged off claiming he was too busy with his "10 jobs" and frontrunner Anderson Cooper resigned his contract with CNN, causing her to lament, "He's the one that got away and keeps getting away and gets away all the time," Ripa spent months rotating through an all-star panel that featured the likes of Jimmy Kimmel , Joel McHale , Josh Groban , Common , Octavia Spencer , Taye Diggs and Alex Rodriguez.

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Take Christian Slater. During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show , the Golden Globe winner cited he lived just six blocks from the studio, gushing, "It's one of the greatest jobs ever, so yeah, Kelly, I'm available! A source told E! News the actor "really wants the job. He's made no secret that he would love to do it. But naming Strahan's successor couldn't be a snap decision, insisted Ripa. While she was eager to have a replacement, telling People , "I like having a partner, I don't think it works otherwise," she stressed, "Our show is one based on chemistry and camaraderie and trust.

All those things don't just happen; it doesn't fall out of the sky. It takes a lot of work, and it takes a group discussion. Besides, execs weren't in a great hurry to fill the slot with Ripa killing things all on her own. As ratings reached record highs, an insider told E! News , "There's no timeline, but there is also no rush.

Kelly loves having a rotating co-host. She's really enjoying herself. Finally, as the hunt crept past the one-year mark and Ripa had all but perfected ways to brush off the inevitable cohost questions when Stephen Colbert inquired when she was going to "put a ring on it", she quipped back, "Are you proposing? His May 1 debut was greeted with flowers carried out by the duo's first guest, Chris Pratt , champagne popped by longtime producer Michael Gelman and explanations about how he would juggle his new gig with his radio show and a potential return to American Idol.

And after an exhaustive search, Ripa was thrilled with what her efforts yielded. Not only did she give Seacrest a " out of 10" on his first day out , labeling him "a seamless broadcaster," but her bond with the show business vet quickly evolved past a working relationship. Breaking from the previous rule she held with both Philbin and Strahan, she and Seacrest don't reserve their banter solely for the audience. You save it for the show. But now she and Seacrest exchange texts in the evening and socialize together on the weekends.

Ryan Seacrest Has a Million Jobs. After everything she's been through such communication is crucial for Ripa.

There will be no surprises," one source tells E! No matter what, vows Seacrest, he's got Ripa's back, fancying himself her knight in well-tailored armor. Which is nice and all, but when it comes to defending herself, Ripa doesn't require any assistance. We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences.

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Would you like to view this in our US edition? Would you like to view this in our Canadian edition? Would you like to view this in our UK edition? Would you like to view this in our Australian edition? Would you like to view this in our Asia edition? Would you like to view this in our German edition? Would you like to view this in our French edition? But the two retailers were clearly employing different strategies. The behavior of profnath is easy to deconstruct.

Why though would bordeebook want to make sure theirs is always more expensive? Since the prices of all the sellers are posted, this would seem to guarantee they would get no sales. And some buyers might choose to pay a few extra dollars for the level of confidence in the transaction this might impart. Rather, they noticed that someone else listed a copy for sale, and so they put it up as well — relying on their better feedback record to attract buyers.

But, of course, if someone actually orders the book, they have to get it — so they have to set their price significantly higher — say 1. It seems impossible that we stumbled onto the only example of this kind of upward pricing spiral — all it took were two sellers adjusting their prices in response to each other by factors whose products were greater than 1. And while it might have been more difficult to deconstruct, one can easily see how even more bizarre things could happen when more than two sellers are in the game.

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But, alas, somebody ultimately noticed. I shoudda hung onto more copies myself. Your explanation makes sense of the situation.

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Thanks for the article. I had no idea what was going on, and appreciate your information. If the algorithm explanation is correct and one seller is bouncing of the other is it possible that neither of them actually has the book? This is the response I got:. Thank you for your inquiry and interest. Because our prices are already at or below the marketplace value, they are not negotiable. Our prices do change as the market value for any of our books changes. Because we buy our inventory directly from the public, we are able to offer a wide variety of used books, many of which are out of print, rare, or otherwise difficult to find.

This does mean that, rather than adhering to a set price, their value changes as interest in them increases and decreases. We strongly encourage our customers to purchase any items as soon as the price reaches a level that they feel matches the value that the book holds for them; if you would like to continue to keep this book on your watch-list, the price very well may decrease again, however we can offer no guarantees that it will remain available for long at a lower price!

Thank you for this info. I will be more cautious when shopping on amazone. Yes the price is flexible, and has become a commodity in itself. Not just another marketing function.

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Amazon is definitely an endless supply of money and other reputable companies like Clickbank, Google, Facebook, etc. Thank you very much for the explanation of algorithms. Would not surprise me if they use a simple formula of future prices to reach the price they set. I am impressed by your observation and your ability to explain the circumstances of this pricing event. I enjoyed reading your post. My guess the data entry who entered it originally was bored and priced it at 23,, The book was probably supposed to be priced at I agree with what has been said. Very good article.

Well I guess they are making a cut from those crazy people buying the book. You can find free tips for accomplishing 20 times more by registering at:. I saw a book today for It was abook under 60 pgs published in I then replied asking…. Are you sure this book wasnt printed in the s, is it gold leave covered? The book is available direct from Amazon for less than 12 bucks, with free shipping for more than 20 million people.

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  6. I look up books for a living, and there are indeed some insane pricing schemes. Good you followed up so well! Interesting reading. I ran into a technical text on something about a dozen folks in the world could use understand and it was maybe 12K a copy, so I wrote and asked, but got no reply.

    Things Still Looking Up (Things Looking Up Book 2) Things Still Looking Up (Things Looking Up Book 2)
    Things Still Looking Up (Things Looking Up Book 2) Things Still Looking Up (Things Looking Up Book 2)
    Things Still Looking Up (Things Looking Up Book 2) Things Still Looking Up (Things Looking Up Book 2)
    Things Still Looking Up (Things Looking Up Book 2) Things Still Looking Up (Things Looking Up Book 2)
    Things Still Looking Up (Things Looking Up Book 2) Things Still Looking Up (Things Looking Up Book 2)

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