The Removers Ghostly Hauntings

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If you wish to have someone come into your home and offer a blessing ask your priest or minister to do so. It is their clerical duty, and they will be happy to assist!

Smudging with Sage

If you do not have a priest or minister speak to one at a local non-denominational church and again they will be happy to help. All faiths have knowledge of the supernatural and no official will ever ridicule you or your situation. Blessings are almost always offered at no charge or a small affordable donation to the church will be suggested, but not required depending on your own financial circumstances.

Be very wary of anyone who tells you not to speak to an authority within your own religious faith, and consider why or what is truly motivating them to do so.

The Canterville Ghost

If you have already tried the above and still feel you require assistance you may contact:. They are not as much a traditional church as a serious group of psychics and sensitives that will help people, if needed, free of charge.

Be very wary of anyone who claims to be an "expert" in ghost removal and wishes to charge you a fee for their services. If anything we have received complaints from people over the years who have told us that the clearing not only didn't work, but has seemingly escalated the activity!

There are also many charlatans and con artists who will prey on people's fears and take advantage of them during troubled times. They tend to take out ads in newspapers, and internet classified ads like Kijiji. Please consider the following: I received a complaint from a young family who spent several hundreds of dollars on the services of a very media friendly "ghost buster" in Southern Ontario and the family still have a ghost "problem.

I have suggested that they contact the police fraud squad as they feel they are the victims of a con artist. Unfortunately, they are just one of many who believe they were "taken in" after the fact. On a personal level this was heartbreaking for me. And no, she never recovered her money. The "ghost buster" involved with the family mentioned above has many media credits, and this otherwise intelligent, nice family were fooled into thinking that this "house clearer" was well respected and legitimate because they saw him on television and an article about him was printed in a large, very well known, respectable newspaper.

Please remember long lists of media credits usually equal media whoring, and not legitimacy, knowledge, expertise, ethics or morality when it comes to the "paranormal. Do not open your wallet. As a general rule, Ouija seems to exasperate the problems more than solve them.

Surviving the Eighth Dimension: A Paranormal guide by The Ghost Remover

We at Pararesearchers are focused on research, investigation, and documentation of reported paranormal activity. We will assist you if possible in finding ways to cope with your own situation and any personal information collected by us is covered under our privacy policy, which is compliant with current Ontario laws. Please feel free to contact us at any time This email address is being protected from spambots. Wikihow and some other authentic sources said I should cleanse my home by burning sage. I didn't have sage but I did have rosemary and oregano.

The mystical forces behind www. I mean, if you can't trust www.

Ask or Demand the Ghost to Leave

Wikihow said I should use a "firm" voice. I used my normal voice. I might have even said please.

I blame my upbringing. When the flames went out, the ghost appeared before me. She apologised, took one final drag of her cigarette and left. Maybe it was the ghost seeking revenge, maybe it was my common sense seeking revenge or maybe it was because I ate a third of a block of cheese at midnight.

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I'll never know. Leave a comment. I mean, seriously. Who in their right mind brings this into any home?

  • Removing ghosts is harder than you think. Believe me. I tried..
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I didn't check to see if it hit him. Except the hauntings continued It's pseudo science, guys. Meredith Eriksson.

Who You Gonna Call?

Listen Now. Love Life. The Anal Episode Sealed Section. Mamamia once went on a ghost tour. We even caught a live one. Source: Original. Step Three: Cleanse The House. I placed the herbs in the bowl and tried to light them. I experienced limited success. And then, as I was lighting the herbs, the lighter broke. I mean I need that for "fancy" candle time. As the herbs burned in a fireball of budget kitchen paper, I asked the ghost to leave. If anyone is curious, it was quite a pleasant smell. Not really. Nothing happened. I went to sleep and had a nightmare. On the upside, my room now smells like pizza.

Still feelin' freaky? Here's a ghost story from a palliative care nurse

The Removers Ghostly Hauntings The Removers Ghostly Hauntings
The Removers Ghostly Hauntings The Removers Ghostly Hauntings
The Removers Ghostly Hauntings The Removers Ghostly Hauntings
The Removers Ghostly Hauntings The Removers Ghostly Hauntings
The Removers Ghostly Hauntings The Removers Ghostly Hauntings
The Removers Ghostly Hauntings The Removers Ghostly Hauntings
The Removers Ghostly Hauntings The Removers Ghostly Hauntings
The Removers Ghostly Hauntings The Removers Ghostly Hauntings

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