Spiral Eyes: The Bimbo Game (Mind Control, Hypnosis, Bimbo)

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This workshop focuses primarily on drawing, with exercises, both hypnotic and practical. Many of these activities and trances will allow you to tap into any of the creative parts of your brain, to help develop your skills unconsciously and for them to be evident by the end of the workshop. We'll also work on other creative endeavors as possible writing, hypnotic language, idea creation For anyone, all levels; Hands on; min. Do you enjoy trancing to the sparkling facets of crystals? Or disco balls? Enjoy the binaural rhythms of sound and light machines?

Come explore a wide variety of hypnosis toys, hands-on, from the Nova Pro, to colorful light toys - you're encouraged to bring your favorite toys along! Visions of erotic violence or sinister control dominate our movies and fantasies. From chainsaw disembowelment to death to formative sexual trauma, many of our most delicious fantasies are unsafe or inaccessible.

While we may visit these things under the aegis of "pathworking" or "ritual," one of the most direct and controllable forms of visualization is too often off the table.

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Learn the use of hypnosis to go with "malice" aforethought into those dark recesses only touched before, and take edgeplay further than the physical. Note that this is a workshop about brutal edgeplay, not about healing psychic trauma. Learn techniques for transferring pain, creating artificial sensation, and controlling orgasm. While we will discuss how to create informed consent for this type of mental play, this is not an ethics workshop and it may involve references or demonstrations centering on psychic trauma which may be disturbing.

Robotization is one of those kinks that intertwines nicely with hypnosis. Thinking of the mind as a computer and hypnosis as a programming method brings up all kinds of possibilities. This class will cover: how to use programming metaphors in your hypno-play; the role play potential in robots; how to optimize your robot's voice and posture; safety precautions in transformation suggestions; and all the wonderful programs, modes, and other add-ons that this form of play provides. Anyone can be hypnotized. But not everyone experiences the state that they want.

We'll look at concrete methods, including direct and inferential suggestion, of working with subjects who seem lowly or non-responsive to traditional inductions to achieve a hypnotic state. We'll also cover some issues or characteristics that may make hypnosis more difficult.

Miss Hypnotica : Hypnotize Yourself to be a Slave, Doll, Bimbo & More!

This class is not a challenge and we cannot promise to hypnotize everyone, but we can give useful insights on how to be most effective with subjects who have a hard time achieving a traditional state. Do your fantasies involve someone coming up to you and asking, "Does this rag smell like chloroform? Have you wondered about the effects of a drug created just for you?

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Can you imagine knockout powder being blown in your face, and you instantly responding in a very sexy way? Have you ever wondered about taking actual drugs, but the side effects or potential consequences were too great? With hypnosis, it's possible to play out these fantasies in total safety and with no unpleasant side effects. LeeAllure explains how hypnotic drug play can work and gives you stories and examples of the clever, creative, and sexy things you can do with someone's mind with imaginary hypnotic drugs.

Demonstration bottoms welcomed and encouraged! This class provides basic instruction on the most commonly used Hypnosis process, The Elman Induction. It provides a forum for focused and supervised practice for Hypnotists and Hypnotees. Never tried it?

Tried it, but need help? Are you experienced and have tips to share that will help others? All are welcome. We encourage every one to experience hypnotizing and being hypnotized in this safe environment Note: induction participation is voluntary and not required to participate in this unit For hypnotists, beginner; Hands on; 60 min. There are many facets of our hypno-kinky community that bring about emotions and drive us to make decisions on how to handle situations. Come talk about your experiences and how you process those emotions.

Spiral Eyes: The Bimbo Game (Mind Control, Hypnosis, Bimbo)

We will touch on several emotions such as the anxiety of being at a new event, jealousy in poly-play circles, consent violations and more - all in a calm and respectful environment - and discuss the best ways to handle them. As with everything, the energy brought with us can often dictate the mood as well as the outcome. This is especially true with kinky or any type of hypnosis.

Lets explore ways to build and maintain positive energy. So many times people relate an awesome trance to a "Spiritual Experience". Respecting each individual, why not learn ways to enhance this experience for ourselves and others. Just getting started with erotic hypnosis? This overview gives you a broad view of what erotic hypnosis is about: what it is, how it's used, and how an erotic hypnosis scene is structured and executed.

Geared toward both the hypnotist and the hypnotee subject. Includes a demonstration scene with an audience volunteer. In this class DJ Pynchon will lead a discussion and a demo on the best ways to ethically negotiate hypnotic pick up play.

The Hypno-Trainer (Hypnosis/Mind Control, Bimbo) by Jill Soft

We'll discuss thinking about personal boundaries, how to respect boundaries, how to formulate a hot scene and make it happen, how to avoid common mistakes, how to stand up for yourself, how to negotiate in a way that is respectful of power disparities, and other communication and negotiation skills. Then we'll demonstrate with volunteers from attendees. For tops, bottoms, and people of all experience levels.

There are a lot of ethical issues surrounding the brainwashing kink.

Come talk about them with like-minded people and see where you stand. This is not a class on brainwashing technique, and no advice on how to brainwash a partner will be given. Hypnotic suggestion can have a profound effect on a person's psyche. This roundtable will be a discussion of the ethics of handling the harmful or potential harmful psychological effects.

Topics will depend on what attendees are interested in discussing. Do you find the idea of erotic hypnosis too relaxing? Emotional masochism is the spice of life! Use traditional tools, toys and implements combined with the mind of the bottom to have the experience that you both seek. Get pointers for how to get the most out of Charmed with this deluxe welcome spiel.

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Here, we will talk about what to expect, ways to make your con better, how to combat con-drop, and tips and tricks for staying healthy and sane. We will also touch on convention rules, scene etiquette, and recommended courses. This is highly recommended if it's your first hypno event, kink event or convention or even your 30th. Bring your questions and your open mind. In this class, we will discuss some of the ways that hypnosis can be used to take medical play in directions you might not otherwise be able to take it without being hampered by codes of ethics Our discussion will focus on procedures used in historical, contemporary, and fictional settings -- blood letting, lobotomies, and vivisection -- as well as drug play.

Introduction of concept of using hypnosis as the tool to co create a full viable long term partnered relationship with Your Subconscious or within the mind of your Subjects. Sharing fun, erotically charged, powerful life changing examples of Hello Subconscious as a successful change work option. Short on site demonstration of the Hello Subconscious hypnosis 15 minutes 4. Discussion of how the concepts of Hello Subconscious are being used as a powerful tool, both erotically and in non erotic settings.


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This will not be a highly erotically charged class, but the content potential will be obvious. Knowing how to relate and communicate can help so much.

Everyone is a little bit different, some quite a bit. Learning to zero in on certain traits gives us the edge not only in the scene but in life's relationship.

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How we relate to others, what attracts us and not so much. Communicating the idea in or out of trance.

This class is devoted to the BDSM practice of bondage, purely through hypnosis. Explore how to create familiar hypnotic effects that lead to hot bondage scenes. Learn ways to extend your creativity to places where rope and chains cannot go! The classes is a mix of demonstration and discussion. This class is suitable for all experience levels of kinkster, hypnotist or subject. Fantasies about hypnosis often include asymmetric power dynamics. While not a necessary part of hypnosis, the role of hypnotist is often considered dominant, and the subject as submissive.

Hypnotists and Subjects of all skill levels are welcome and we will be teaching to novices in power dynamic roles and relationships, however this is not intended to teach introductory hypnosis techniques. As we explore BDSM and Hypnosis, one of the most surprising aspects is the effectiveness of using hypnosis to explore and enhance sadism and masochism. Whether you are hacking the pain process, creating remote triggers, or exploring emotional sadism, there are a wide variety of tools available.

Depending on time there will be some hands on. Do you want to see what it would be like to have a realistic robot butler and happen to have a willing and interested subject lying around?

Spiral Eyes: The Bimbo Game (Mind Control, Hypnosis, Bimbo) Spiral Eyes: The Bimbo Game (Mind Control, Hypnosis, Bimbo)
Spiral Eyes: The Bimbo Game (Mind Control, Hypnosis, Bimbo) Spiral Eyes: The Bimbo Game (Mind Control, Hypnosis, Bimbo)
Spiral Eyes: The Bimbo Game (Mind Control, Hypnosis, Bimbo) Spiral Eyes: The Bimbo Game (Mind Control, Hypnosis, Bimbo)
Spiral Eyes: The Bimbo Game (Mind Control, Hypnosis, Bimbo) Spiral Eyes: The Bimbo Game (Mind Control, Hypnosis, Bimbo)
Spiral Eyes: The Bimbo Game (Mind Control, Hypnosis, Bimbo) Spiral Eyes: The Bimbo Game (Mind Control, Hypnosis, Bimbo)
Spiral Eyes: The Bimbo Game (Mind Control, Hypnosis, Bimbo) Spiral Eyes: The Bimbo Game (Mind Control, Hypnosis, Bimbo)
Spiral Eyes: The Bimbo Game (Mind Control, Hypnosis, Bimbo) Spiral Eyes: The Bimbo Game (Mind Control, Hypnosis, Bimbo)
Spiral Eyes: The Bimbo Game (Mind Control, Hypnosis, Bimbo) Spiral Eyes: The Bimbo Game (Mind Control, Hypnosis, Bimbo)
Spiral Eyes: The Bimbo Game (Mind Control, Hypnosis, Bimbo)

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