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Who put the stone in Stonehenge?

With the rise of the industrial age centralised governments and powerful corporations have now come to the fore. And indeed, modern science allied to such forces has been able to actively re-discover and re-engineer the esoteric ancient world mysteries. Decoding the principles of this secret science has enabled related government and private corporate interests to wield enormous temporal power from behind the scenes. And usually not for the benefit of the general populous. Though never admitted in public, in private it is well accepted at the highest levels of power that mysticism as such, has never been an idle superstition.

It was always a high science. An occult or hidden science of the most profound nature. Dark forces though do exist in the world that would keep the keys to kingdom from all others.

Who was Jack the Ripper?

They do not enter themselves but bar the door to everyone. The comprehensive truth of the high knowledge and achievements of those of the distance past can be had by all - with such knowledge itself being a revelation to the individual. Personally inspiring. But how to get there? Everyone starts out on their journey from some point of inspiration. An encounter of sorts that leads us to briefly pause from the everyday aspects of our lives, and consider greater things.

The grand purpose of life. Even destiny - and this on a very personal level. If one is hooked, and intrigued by the thought that there might be a higher occult or hidden knowledge in the world, one might be tempted to explore further. And at this point people usually consider obtaining books under the heading of 'New Age'.

Mysteries and Secrets

Quite a selection perhaps. And yet how many books purchased fail to satisfy? Speaking from direct experience, I own many books concerned with esoteric matters, and very few get close to advanced solutions to the Mysteries. Some are better than others and go further, but oftentimes only go so far, and remain vague about key concepts or explanations. Now maybe this is due to the fact that certain authors know of the great mysteries in depth, but are holding back.

World of Mysteries - Hidden City of London

Very doubtful. Far more likely that they only go so far because the person who wrote the book is at the limit of their knowledge. They have given all they can, and they know no more. The remains of a 15th-century Buddhist monk named Sangha Tenzin, the mummy is remarkably well preserved, with unbroken skin and hair on the head.

In , at the height of the Emergency in India, Jaigarh Fort found itself in the spotlight again when then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi launched a thorough search of the fort on a tip-off that the water tanks hid the Mughal treasure. Nana Saheb, regarded as one of the important leaders of the revolt, disappeared soon after his defeat at the hands of the British.

9 'Unsolved' Mysteries That Have Been Solved

History is still unclear about his fate, with questions also remaining about what happened to his fabled treasure that today would be worth billions. Most historians believe that he was never captured and escaped to Nepal with a significant part of his treasure, although no concrete historical evidence of that exists. Lying 20 km to the west of Jaisalmer, the ghost town of Kuldhara was a prosperous town of Paliwal Brahmins a few hundred years ago.

Until one fatal night, when all its residents left the village without a trace. No one knows exactly why but according to legend, they left the village to escape from the evil ruler Salim Singh and his unjust taxes, and while leaving, they left a curse on the area.

Ihre Vorteile

It is also said that anyone who tries to stay in the village dies a brutal death and, till date, Kuldhara remains uninhabited. This has been one of the greatest mysteries of free India.

This is the first time in modern world history that something like this had happened. He died due to cardiac arrest under suspicious circumstances in Tashkent in , giving rise to reports of dark conspiracies behind his death.

10 mysteries of the universe | New Scientist

The reincarnation case of Shanti Devi, a girl born in a little-known locality of Delhi, was the first widely acknowledged and thoroughly documented one in India. The details Shanti Devi had given to her present family and teacher about her old house and members of her family in her previous life were all confirmed in intricate detail. It was also investigated by a committee of prominent citizens appointed by Mahatma Gandhi, who accompanied Shanti Devi to the village of her past-life recollections and recorded what they witnessed.

About kilometers from Ahmedabad, in a place called Ambaji, lives a frail octogenarian ascetic, popularly known as Chunriwala Mataji.

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Secrets & Mysteries of the World Secrets & Mysteries of the World
Secrets & Mysteries of the World Secrets & Mysteries of the World
Secrets & Mysteries of the World Secrets & Mysteries of the World
Secrets & Mysteries of the World Secrets & Mysteries of the World
Secrets & Mysteries of the World Secrets & Mysteries of the World
Secrets & Mysteries of the World Secrets & Mysteries of the World
Secrets & Mysteries of the World Secrets & Mysteries of the World

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