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Perhaps unsurprisingly for a show with a heavily female cast and crew, a lot of Kimmy Schmidt is about coping with gatekeepers. The prospect of Kimmy becoming an overnight millionaire seems poised to change all that. The shock is compounded when Kimmy realizes that hard-drinking, Instagram—hashtag-spouting C.

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Desperate to keep Tripp in her stable, Jacqueline tries to make herself look like a bigger name, conscripting the Giztoobers to play White Talent employees. Showbiz hopefuls driven to their breaking points wander onstage and never leave, inducted into a bizarre feline fraternity fueled by the endless loot dropped on the floor by old people and children.

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But his determination is steeled by signing his first-ever stage-door autograph for an awed tyke. I can sing, I can dance, and I found a gun.

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No, Luke is Midler! As TV Guide pointed out, Kimmy's childhood home, which her ex-husband Fernando is restoring for her, is as funky, weird, and eclectic as she is.

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Not to mention gassy. Fuller House only shows off her living room, but in every nook and cranny of that space there is something that will catch your eye or your ear. Why yes, Kimmy does have a set of his and her farting chairs that her parents used to sit in. Kimmy's parents also have a clown face door knocker that is not as scary as anything you see on AHS: Cult, but actually pretty delightful.

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It plays a jaunty little circus song that Kimmy and DJ have a choreographed dance to. It's almost as good as her Wizard Of Oz- style front door that has tiny secret doors that allow you to open it from the inside.

1. “The Reverend claimed he came up with the ‘I’d like to buy the world a Coke’ commercial”

The quirkiness doesn't stop there, though. Kimmy's parents have a velcro wall that was used to discipline Kimmy and her brother, Jimmy. The Gibblers also have a cotton candy machine that makes corn on the cob-flavored cotton treats for everyone. Unfortunately, two things you won't see in the house are Kimmy's parents, who have been in a bunker in Florida since Y2K.

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They're convinced the world has ended and Kimmy and her brother don't want to disappoint them. How sweet of them? There are also a couple of Full House Easter eggs that you may miss on first viewing, but Barber swears they're there. She told TV Guide that her unicycle and a tribute to her pet ostrich, the one that famously terrorized Uncle Jesse back in season 8 made the way into the house per her request. Look just behind DJ in the photo above, and you'll see a framed photo of a young Kimmy and her pet ostrich.

Kimmys Little Secret Kimmys Little Secret
Kimmys Little Secret Kimmys Little Secret
Kimmys Little Secret Kimmys Little Secret
Kimmys Little Secret Kimmys Little Secret
Kimmys Little Secret Kimmys Little Secret

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