Immortal II: The Time of Legend

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The Central Library of Undund is a noble old building full of modem conveniences, including book-translatomats. At the time Postwand wrote, the port city where I was staying, An Ria, had not been founded; the great wave of settlers from the east had not begun; the peoples of the coast were scattered tribes of shepherds and farmers. Postwand took a rather patronizing but intelligent interest in their stories.

All whom I asked about it were familiar with the reputation of the Island of the Immortals, and some even told me that members of their tribe had visited the place. Impressed with the unanimity of this tale, I determined to test its veracity. When at length Vong had finished making repairs to my boat, I sailed out of the Bay and due west over the Great Sea.

A following wind favored my expedition. Low-lying, it appeared to be at least fifty miles long from north to south. It being low tide, and the weather unbearably sultry, the putrid smell of the mud kept us well away, until at length sighting sand beaches I sailed into a shallow bay and soon saw the roofs of a small town at the mouth of a creek. So he and Vong trudged around the town, finding it all very shabby and nothing out of the way, except that there were dreadful swarms of flies.

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Everyone went about in gauze clothing from head to toe, and all the doors and windows had screens. He wondered if they carried some disease. He asked the islanders, who disclaimed all knowledge of disease, saying nobody ever got sick except mainlanders. At this, Postwand got excited, naturally, and asked them if they ever died. He does not say what else they said, but one gathers they treated him as yet another idiot from the mainland asking stupid questions. He becomes quite testy, and makes comments on their backwardness, bad manners, and execrable cookery.

After a disagreeable night in a hut of some kind, he explored inland for several miles, on foot since there was no other way to get about.

The sex of the poor victim was indistinguishable; of the legs, nothing remained but stumps; the whole body was as if it had been melted in fire; only the hair, which was quite white, grew luxuriantly, long, tangled, and filthy—a crowning horror to this sad spectacle. I looked up udreba. There is no vaccine and no cure. Postwand was horrified to see children playing close by the udreb.

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He apparently lectured a woman of the village on hygiene, at which she took offense and lectured him back, telling him not to stare at people. She came out with a bowl full of something, muttering loudly. At this point Vong, with whom I sympathize, suggested that it was time to leave. In fact, they sailed away that evening. I sought some more modern information. My librarian had drifted off, the way Yendians always seemed to do. All I found was a treatise on the Diamonds of Aya —a name sometimes given the island. The article was too technical for the translatomat.

As the island of Aya was forested and swampy, its diamonds were exposed by heavy rains or mudslides in the wet season. People went and wandered around looking for them. A big one turned up just often enough to keep people coming. The islanders apparently never joined in the search.

In fact, some baffled diamond hunters claimed that the natives buried diamonds when they found them. If I understood the treatise, some that had been found were immense by our standards: they were described as shapeless lumps, usually black or dark, occasionally clear, and weighing up to five pounds. Nothing was said about cutting these huge stones, what they were used for, or their market price.

There was a lifeless, almost furtive tone to the treatise, as if it concerned something vaguely shameful. It was mere stubbornness, or reluctance to go back to the sullen travel agent and admit my mistake, that impelled me to the docks the next morning. I cheered up no end when I saw my ship, a charming miniliner with about thirty pleasant staterooms.

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Its fortnightly round took it to several islands farther west than Aya. Its sister ship, stopping by on the homeward leg, would bring me back to the mainland at the end of my week. Or perhaps I would simply stay aboard and have a two-week cruise? They were informal, even lackadaisical, about arrangements. I had the impression that low energy and a short attention span were quite common among Yendians.

But my companions on the ship were undemanding, and the cold fish salads were excellent. I spent two days on the top deck watching sea-birds swoop, great red fish leap, and translucent vane-wings hover over the sea. We sighted Aya very early in the morning of the third day. The captain, a man of sixty or so, had assured me that there were indeed immortals on the island. They were not born immortal, but contracted immortality from the bite of the island flies.

It was, he thought, a virus.

Was there a drawback I did not know about, some price too high to pay even for immortality? The captain considered my question for a while. He was slow-spoken, unexcitable, verging on the lugubrious. He looked at me. The ship did not put into the bay, but was met out beyond the bar by a boat that took passengers ashore. The other passengers were still in their cabins. Nobody but the captain and a couple of sailors watched me all rigged out head to foot in a suit of strong but gauzy mesh which I had rented from the ship clamber down into the boat and wave goodbye.

The captain nodded. One of the sailors waved.

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I was extremely frightened. Putting the captain and Postwand together, it sounded as if the price of immortality was the horrible disease, udreba. But I really had very little evidence, and my curiosity was intense. And then the very rich would be even more different from you and me. What I was really curious about was the fact that none of this had happened. The Yendians were apparently so uninterested in their chance to be immortal that there was scarcely anything about it in the library. But I could see, as the boat drew close to the town, that the travel agent had been a bit disingenuous.

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There had been hotels here—big ones, six or eight stories. They were all visibly derelict, signs askew, windows boarded or blank. I nodded and he sailed us neatly to a small jetty at the north end of the docks.

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The waterfront too had seen better days. It was now sagging and forlorn, no ships, only a couple of trawlers or crabbers. I stepped up onto the dock, looking about nervously for flies; but there were none at the moment. It consisted of eight or nine decrepit cabins managed by a dispirited woman who, speaking slowly but without any commas or periods, said to take Number Four because the screens were the best ones breakfast at eight dinner at seven eighteen radlo and did I want a lunch packed a radlo fifty extra.

All the other cabins were unoccupied. The toilet had a little, internal, eternal leak, tink … tink, which I could not find the source of. Dinner and breakfast arrived on trays, and were edible. The flies arrived with the heat of the day, plenty of them, but not the thick fearsome swarms I had expected. The screens kept them out, and the gauze suit kept them from biting.


They were small, weak-looking, brownish flies. That day and the next morning, walking about the town, the name of which I could not find written anywhere, I felt that the Yendian tendency to depression had bottomed out here, attained nadir. The islanders were a sad people. They were listless.

Immortal II: The Time of Legend Immortal II: The Time of Legend
Immortal II: The Time of Legend Immortal II: The Time of Legend
Immortal II: The Time of Legend Immortal II: The Time of Legend
Immortal II: The Time of Legend Immortal II: The Time of Legend
Immortal II: The Time of Legend Immortal II: The Time of Legend
Immortal II: The Time of Legend Immortal II: The Time of Legend
Immortal II: The Time of Legend Immortal II: The Time of Legend

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