Gravity vs. the Girl

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Why do tall things topple over?

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Its to much for me" "hmmm Indivisual March 8 Lyft Washing Machine White Knoll High School WOTW Fine Female Friday JLP If You Seek Amy FGF Police Call If someone told you to hold a rubber band stretched for a day, you might get tired but not because you did any work. What if you used a stick or a pencil to hold the rubber band stretched? Does the stick get tired?

Just applying a force isn't work, only when you apply a force through a distance, do you do work.

Imagine you have a friend sitting in a wagon and you are going to pretend that you are a horse and pull the wagon. You will pull the wagon with a special bunjy cord puller so you can always apply the same force, whether you are moving or standing still.

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Your friend in the wagon puts his feet on the ground and won't let you move. You pull the cord so that the nylon string just touches the bunjy cord. How long do you think you could hold the cord tight before you get tired? Here you are applying a force but you are not doing any work. Now your friend in the wagon lets his feet slide so you can pull just as hard as before only now you are pulling and moving too. How long do you think you can keep this up until you get tired? Now you are doing work and this takes energy.

If you keep this up for a very long distance, you would probably get winded.

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If your friend lets you move very fast and you still pull with the same force, you will get very winded. When you just pull without moving, you are exerting a force but you aren't doing work so you probably won't get tired. If your friend held the wagon still and you tied the cord around a tree and pulled it tight, the tree could exert the same force as you did.

Do you think the tree would get tired? The tree can exert a force but can the tree do work? You could run up a flight of stairs rapidly or you could climb the same stairs very slowly.

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Either way, you do the same amount of work because you apply the same force equal to your weight through the same distance the height of the stairs. Power is work per time. That is, if you do the same amount of work in a shorter time, it takes more power.

Two cars might weigh the same and they might climb the same hill, hence they do the same amount of work. But if one of the cars is a clunkey old car and the other car is a powerful sports car, the sports car can climb the hill much faster because it has a more powerful engine. In this experiment we are going to see how many watts of power you can develop. Finding the force you must exert. Every time you weigh yourself, you are measuring the force that the earth pulls down on you this is called your weight and you are also measuring how hard the scale pushes upward on the bottoms of your feet.

If you weigh 80 pounds, the scale must push upward on you with exactly 80 pounds. Most people find it peculiar that the scale pushes upward on them when they weigh themselves, but it always will. If you weigh 80 pounds and are standing on the floor, the floor will push up on the bottoms of you feet with a force of 80 pounds. This is very hard to understand but it is true--think of pressing the binder clip against the wall--what must the wall do to the binder clip?

Isaac Newton was the first to understand this and his ideas about action and reaction forces have revolutionized the way we think. The first thing you must do in this experiment is to weigh yourself.

What is gravitational potential energy?

You will probably have to weigh yourself in pounds but your teacher will explain how you will convert this to the metric unit of force, the newton. For example, an 80 pound person will also weigh newtons, the metric unit of force. Measuring the distance you will climb. Your teacher will explain how to find the height of the stairs you will climb.

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  • This height will be in the metric unit of distance, the meter. Even through you will run up at an angle, you will only need to know the height you climb. Computing the work you will do. Since work is force times the distance through which the force acts, you will find the amount of work you do in climbing the stairs by multiplying your weight in newtons by the height of the stairs in meters.

    Force measured in newtons , times distance measured in meters , gives the metric unit of work or energy , and it is called the joule. For example if an 80 pound person climbs a flight of stairs which goes up one floor, this person will exert a force of about newtons through a distance of about 4 meters, hence the person will do about joules of work.

    Gravity vs. the Girl Gravity vs. the Girl
    Gravity vs. the Girl Gravity vs. the Girl
    Gravity vs. the Girl Gravity vs. the Girl
    Gravity vs. the Girl Gravity vs. the Girl
    Gravity vs. the Girl Gravity vs. the Girl
    Gravity vs. the Girl Gravity vs. the Girl
    Gravity vs. the Girl Gravity vs. the Girl
    Gravity vs. the Girl Gravity vs. the Girl
    Gravity vs. the Girl Gravity vs. the Girl

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