Die Matrix - eine Filmanalyse (German Edition)

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The overhead hanging lamp at the upper left is a fringe of spikes, and the flames on the huge candlestick at the left are five wisps of paint. Hollywood films have seldom used distorted sets of this kind. They appear occasionally, as in Son of Frankenstein , Rowland V.

Lee and Beetlejuice , Tim Burton.

Film Philosophy and Skepticism Films

That lighting is not created by streaks of paint but by fancy lighting effects. The lighthouse tower and the service buildings around it were designed to be authentic copies of features in real historical lighthouses.

The distorted stylization comes from lighting effects, from simple underlighting to patterns created by patterned holes in the lighthouse interior. The same is true of acting. Most of the classic German Expressionist and Kammerspiel films were studio-created. Sets were built either in studios or on extensive backlots. In contrast, Eggers wanted to use an authentic lighthouse. Scouting failed to turn up one with adequate access roads, so the lighthouse and service buildings were built, with faithful adherence to period locales, near the tip of the Cape Forchu Lighthouse peninsula down the road from a modern lighthouse.

This location is far from from isolated, but the film manages to create a sense of loneliness and dread nonetheless. The huge crashing waves and storms were not generated digitally but were practical effects. As to Kammerspiel films, The Lighthouse reminds me most of Scherben , which deals with a man who works as a linesman for a railroad. He, his wife, and their daughter live in isolation in some woods and live a stultifyingly dull existence. The intrusion of a railroad inspector who seduces the daughter leads to drama as the linesman gradually becomes enraged and kills him.

The style of the film is quite different from that of The Lighthouse , but the dynamics of conflict and gradual deterioration of the central character are somewhat similar—if more restrained in his slow burn and stolid demeanor. I have no idea whether Eggers ever saw it at an archive screening or in somewhere else. He more likely saw Hintertreppe , which has long been the only one of the classic Kammerspiele commonly accessible.

So the rosy skin tones on a Caucasian renders darker. Apparently Eggers and Blaschke investigated having orthochromatic 35mm stock custom-manufactured for them, but the expense was too great. A cheaper way had to be found. Despite these advantages, however, Double-X is a panchromatic stock, with sensitivity to the entire visible spectrum.

The choice of lenses was also done with an eye to maintaining the artificial orthochromatic look. Blaschke tested many vintage lenses and settled on Baltars, designed in s. The two used in the film were made in and Optics like these could add a layer of complexity on top of our hard, orthochromatic look to pull people into the world of the film. The background almost falls out of focus, like a globe, and you get this very swirly effect.

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We could have stayed all night staring into the light. Robert Eggers, Cannes Press Release. Apparently the decision to set the film in the s arose during the search for the ideal lighthouse. Inside the beacon. Not many lighthouses still have functional ones today. So we knew that was going to place us in the second half of the 19th century. The decision to imitate orthochromatic film had a considerable impact on the lighting used. Ironically, it meant that a great deal of light from modern lamps, had to be used.

Eggers admits as much in the DGA interview.

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We were lighting it using our practical fixtures, but of course, if this were an old movie, you would see the flame of the kerosene lamp and there would be a movie light lighting the scene. But what we did was we had a W halogen bulb on a flicker dimmer in all those scenes. And it was really, coming from Alexa and fast film stock, it was so bright.

People were wearing sunglasses when we were doing night interiors. Double-X is slow, even slower than color negative stocks. Modern digital cameras can typically shoot with less light than shooting on film requires.


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Putting together slow film stock, a filter albeit one that cut down the light availability by less than one stop , and older, slower lenses meant that the cinematography crew had to use huge amounts of light, as a Variety interview with Blaschke explains:. This halogen light is used in the night interiors, such as the scene of the drunken dance, below, and the later scene of the pair drinking in their shared bedroom, at the top of this section and the entry.

This combination of a very bright lamp with slow film and a filter cutting down part of the spectrum of light entering the lens meant that the light fell off very quickly away from the lantern. That effect is also very evident in these scenes. Backgrounds are dimly visible, and the actors often become silhouettes. The result is a heightened sense of the two main characters being trapped together in small islands of light surrounded by blackness.

We have no sense of how many lanterns the house contains, but we never see more than one at a time. At one point Winslow is seen in bed with a book, and the dim light from the window above him makes it hard to believe that he can see well enough to read. Even the daytime scenes are gloomy and gray.

In the DGA interview, after describing the various technical details of design, setting, and cinematography, Eggers explains:. But two, this is a bleak, austere story, and I feel like black-and-white is the best way to tell this story, and color is only going to mar things. Again, with this orthochromatic filter, it knocks our blue skies, which if we have them—which we really did—into something white and bleak and stark and harsh. To get really nerdy about it, panchromatic film stock had largely replaced orthochromatic by the late s and early s, the only period in which a nearly square aspect ratio was standardly used.

Moreover, the Baltar lenses were invented in the s. Halogen lamps are a comparatively recent innovation in film lighting. The filmmakers were not using lighting equipment of the s or any modern equivalent. The Academy should give Dafoe his Oscar already. It was quite another thing to watch it by myself during its run at a local multiplex.

The Lighthouse played at three multiplexes in Madison, with full-day schedules at each. I was alone when I saw it a few days ago at a am screening. After being in a crowded festival audience, the second experience made me wonder how in the world such a challenging film made it into such wide release and how a more mainstream audience would react to it. It maxed out at theaters November and has been falling since. The frames from The Lighthouse have mostly been taken from trailers. I have not cropped the frames reproduced above to their 1.

The exception is the bottom image, a press image released by distributor A24; it is either a frame with the black sides cropped or possibly a production still. Given the realities of modern exhibition, however, such versatility is not part of the screening technology. I found that the window-boxing on the big screen was a constant, subtle way to call attention to the unusual compositional results.

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What The Lighthouse will look like on various formats for streaming is hard to imagine. Speaking of the aspect ratio, a number of critics have called 1. In fact it was only used in the early sound era, when room had to be made on the filmstrip for the optical soundtrack; later the image was shrunk slightly into the classic Academy ratio of roughly The gas permeation experimental facility is described elsewhere in more details [ 26 ].

The membrane permeance L of a gas can be calculated using the equation:. The synthesis of GO from crystalline natural graphite powder using Hummers method is described in experimental section. In this work, modification of graphene oxide by introduction of various functional groups and properties of the resulting materials are discussed. Synthesized GO renders a non-stoichiometric material that contains different oxygen-containing functional groups, such as phenolic —OH, epoxy C—O—C , and carboxyl —COOH groups those are distributed both at the basal plane and along the edges [ 27 ]. GO was chemically modified by introduction of various functional groups.

Earlier reports revealed that GO contains oxygen functional groups both in basal planes and at the edges, which can undergo nucleophilic substitution reaction with for example amines [ 28 , 29 ] and ferrocene [ 30 ]. In the present study, nucleophilic substitutions of graphene oxide with modified ferrocene and different amines are discussed. The elemental analysis gives information about bulk composition of the prepared graphene-based samples. The SEM images presented in Fig. The EDX analysis Fig.

An increase in oxygen amount indicates the successful oxidation process. After thionyl chloride treatment, the carboxylic sites of GO were converted to acid chlorides. This confirms amide linkages during grafting. As a powerful technique, Raman spectroscopy was used for the characterization of sp 3 and sp 2 hybridization of the carbon atoms and examination of ordered vs. The Raman spectra of GO and its modifications displays Fig. D-band is attributed to local defects and disorders, while G-band assigned to the E 2g phonon of carbon sp 2 atoms of graphite lattice. However, 2D band of monolayer graphene shows a single sharp peak.

The pristine GO degraded in two main steps. In this procedure, graphene oxide layers can wrinkle in the polymer matrix under the shear forces and hinder the gas transport.

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The SEM images of modified graphene oxide samples show that their morphology is not plane, which gives us information that these modifications can resist the aforementioned forces. The surface of the pure PIM-1 TFC membrane is smooth and has no features, except one chosen for focusing purposes, which would indicate the presence of defects in the selective layer.

Matrix - Agent Smith Tribute [German]

An increase in the loading amount of GO and its modifications in PIM-1 changes the appearance of the membrane surface. However, to really know about the homogeneity of the filler distribution within the polymer matrix, also the cross section of the membranes was investigated. The images demonstrate that despite the chemical treatment of the graphene, the particles used for the TFC membrane preparation form agglomerates. The image of the TFC membrane having pure PIM-1 selective layer demonstrates that the procedure implemented for coating on a porous support gave a uniform layer of polymer with a thickness of approx.

Die Matrix - eine Filmanalyse (German Edition) Die Matrix - eine Filmanalyse (German Edition)
Die Matrix - eine Filmanalyse (German Edition) Die Matrix - eine Filmanalyse (German Edition)
Die Matrix - eine Filmanalyse (German Edition) Die Matrix - eine Filmanalyse (German Edition)
Die Matrix - eine Filmanalyse (German Edition) Die Matrix - eine Filmanalyse (German Edition)
Die Matrix - eine Filmanalyse (German Edition) Die Matrix - eine Filmanalyse (German Edition)
Die Matrix - eine Filmanalyse (German Edition) Die Matrix - eine Filmanalyse (German Edition)

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