Bramble Days, Life on Bramble Road

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They lose feathers all the time.

Thorns and Brambles

Often enough that Alain over there has one stuck in his cap! It was a good question, though. It is the life force of the phoenix that gives the feather its power, and if it is used, that life force is taken. That is why no phoenix will ever allow a feather to be stolen from it while it is living. Thomas fixed his beady blue eyes onto Jesse. And how will a phoenix fight? This time the answers came quick. Phoenixes were one of more interesting animals to study for the Lore of the Woods badge.

Night again brought sleep, and dreams. With distant terror Jesse recognized this particular one as an old dream, a terrible dream. The whole family is on the road. Father, who remembers his Tracker badge from when he was a Lookout, Mother, who fears the worst, and Jesse, because Mother would not allow the family to be split up, ever again.

Angela had been gone a night and half a day, but now that Father had found her tracks again, all would be well. Jesse clearly remembered thinking that just before they came to the glade. There was brook murmuring through the clearing, and there, almost bending over it, was a thicket of black roses. The brambles grew so thick and lush that Jesse did not see Angela suspended in the center of it until they were almost at the brook and her pale, marred face shone down on them in the moonlight.

The vines grew through her, from her. Her cheeks and forehead showed deep furrows drawn in blackened blood where she had scratched herself to the bone. The roses grew thick and lush around her, and it was almost as if the flowers were trying to cover up her wounds, as if to giver her back her dignity.

Her smile, conserved in death, was exhausted and sad.

65 Bramble Road, Amherst, NY , MLS #B - Howard Hanna

And on her brow sat a crown of the largest black roses Jesse had ever seen. The dew on them shone with crystal brilliance. It ran down her face, gradually washing away the blood and the hurt. Father turned to stone. Mother broke, and all she could do was bite down on her hand until she too spilled her blood, to keep from waking the forest with her screams. Jesse was stunned. Tears came later, tears enough to drown the world, but there, in that glade, all feelings were stunned into flight.

Yes, tears came later. Tears, and screams. Tears and screams that kept Father from hunting for a phoenix feather. Screams so loud that they ripped Jesse from slumber even seven years later.

J. Lee Cline (Author of Bramble Days - Ties That Bind)

Yet still, none of the others woke. Only Thomas was awake, sitting by the small, smokeless fire, his gaze fixed on Jesse. A gloved hand missing the small finger beckoned the lookout closer. Now they will come, thought Jesse. The questions. But all Thomas did was hand over a small flagon.

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But Thomas just sat across from Jesse, nothing but calm in his eyes. She did not survive her Becoming. If the girls fight their nature too much, it overwhelms them. After a while he offered his flagon for a second swig. Sleep beckoned.

The giant bird stood over the torn and broken body of one brother, the other was madly scrambling up a giant oak. The troop went into action like a well oiled machine. The four lookouts surrounded the beast, knives drawn. It was soaking wet and thus without fire, but the claws and beaks were just as lethal wet as bone dry, and it screeched with a terrible fury. The lookouts were well trained: One does not send first years against a phoenix. Whenever it launched itself against one lookout, another darted forward and cut whatever he could reach. If only the hood would not be so scratchy all of a sudden. Lunge, cut, jump back. No time to pull it down. Lunge, cut, jump.

Gods, it really itches. Meanwhile, Thomas dragged the second brother away from the fight. The man was bleeding heavily from a claw wound on his thigh and needed to be bandaged right away or he would bleed out. Meanwhile, the fight was dying down. The phoenix was tiring. It was no longer lunging at them, instead it withdrew, frantically trying to keep all four of the lookouts in its view. They stopped attacking then, kept their distance, waited for the word of Thomas. Phoenixes belonged to the wood and were exceedingly rare, and not to be slain lightly.

Jesse kept careful watch of the beast. It might be beaten, but a cornered and desperate animal is the most dangerous animal. And suddenly, their eyes met. Jessica, to her troop mates known as Jesse, drowned in brilliantly green eyes, and a flood of emotion broke all the dams of her mind. The phoenix had children! She saw the small clutch, safely tucked away in cliff, felt the world-filling joy of the bird as, after a thousand years of existing, she was finally a mother, something she would never be again no matter how long she lived.

She felt the almost unbearable elation when the two eggs hatched and her new fledglings woke the forest with their first screams. Then Jessica tumbled down the bottomless fear and terror of her when, just minutes ago, she returned from the hunt and found her nest gone and no trace of her children to be seen.

She was set aflame by the fury of the mother when she spotted the thieves just as they were dunking her children into the river. Jessica descended on them incandescent with rage, then plunged into the river with her when the thieves just let the fledglings drop into the water and fled.

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She rescued her children, awash with relief, not caring that the river took her fire, then set after the thieves. The connection broke. Jessica found herself standing between her troop mates and the phoenix, facing them. They were all looking at her, eyes wide, slackjawed. Even Thomas seemed lost for words. The wood was not lost for words, though. Deep in her mind, with a thousand voices, from the deep rumbling of creaking trees, to the almost unhearable sound the wings of a kolibri make, the wood sang its judgment.

Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Set in , Life on Bramble Road is a slice of life reflecting the day to day memories of Alex Sonnes as he looks back at a year of changes that would greatly effect his life and that of friends and family on Bramble Road. It was a time of sharing, when people gathered to celebrate life both in good times and sad. America was changing, new ways were beginning, but some of the old ways still seemed to promise to live on forever.

Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Bramble Days 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Just to all, I forgot there wa a cat in te warriors serie named Nutmeg and that Sweetfur was brown. Anyway, enjoy! Thunder will come after Lightning. Clans will be saved with the power of the light the fire shines. A grey tom mewed, "I can't wait until Autumleaf's kits are six moons.

I hope I can mentor one. All of a sudden, Greystripe stopped short.

A Week on Bramble Mere

He tensed. I'll tag along.

Bramble Days, Life on Bramble Road Bramble Days, Life on Bramble Road
Bramble Days, Life on Bramble Road Bramble Days, Life on Bramble Road
Bramble Days, Life on Bramble Road Bramble Days, Life on Bramble Road
Bramble Days, Life on Bramble Road Bramble Days, Life on Bramble Road
Bramble Days, Life on Bramble Road Bramble Days, Life on Bramble Road
Bramble Days, Life on Bramble Road Bramble Days, Life on Bramble Road

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