Bloodlines: New Moon Rising

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To be of the Clan is to understand things nobody else does; and to be affected by that understanding. Among the clan, this shows itself in psychosis, depression, compulsive disorders, or uncounted other mental illnesses. This hasn't kept the Clan of the Moon from finding a place in Kindred society. Advisers, strategists, preachers, hunters and yes, rulers; all Malkavians walk their very own path. Unease, curiosity, distrust, pity; the Clan of the Moon elicits many reactions. Still, no vampire sees more than a Malkavian.

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  • Players who choose to join their ranks gain access to the secrets of two new Disciplines on top of the individual powers from their Thinblooded past. All Malkavians see further than a mortal could.

    Stolen Child

    No Malkavian is left untouched by what they see. Nothing stays hidden to those who gain the Discipline of Auspex.

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    Their senses expanding beyond the boundaries of their bodies, these Kindred slip ever deeper into their condition. Untethered, they will explore the area in astral form, remaining free to use Aura Sight to mark any character they spot. Enter your birth date The World of Darkness contains mature content, as well as supernatural and mundane horror.

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    Bloodlines: New Moon Rising
    Bloodlines: New Moon Rising
    Bloodlines: New Moon Rising
    Bloodlines: New Moon Rising
    Bloodlines: New Moon Rising
    Bloodlines: New Moon Rising
    Bloodlines: New Moon Rising
    Bloodlines: New Moon Rising

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