Ashes To Ashes: The Death Dealer Diaries

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Much of the power in the country at that time was enjoyed and exploited by the rich bishops and abbots of the Church. And, whilst the Church swore loyalty to the king, they also insisted that their true allegiance was to God and his earthly representative, the Pope in Rome. On the death of his Archbishop of Canterbury in May , Henry saw his chance of bringing the Church to heel, by promoting his best friend Thomas to the newly vacated post. He had a very sparse diet, and his accustomed drink was water.

King Henry and Becket remained good friends until they clashed over clerical privilege.

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Henry stated that the church was subject to the law of the land, but Becket insisted that the Church was above the law. Thomas spent some six years in exile before things calmed down sufficient for him to return to Canterbury. They reached Canterbury Cathedral on December 29th, where they found Becket before the High Altar, as he had gone there to hear Vespers. The strategy of a powerful man with nothing to prove. A powerful man would bring his brief with him. Guv, we've had a breakthrough. Layton, off you go.

Thank you. We put the crime squad onto Markham like you said. He made nine separate phone calls from phone boxes in the City district. All phone cards. Phone cards?! Flash git! He then went and picked up a message from railway arches near Tower Bridge.

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  • Something got him rattled. I know what got Markham rattled. We pulled his boss in. He was checking to see if he could close the supply line down. Layton is a control freak. Being in the driving seat is essential to his emotional well-being. Where do you learn this hippy shit? Secondment to the CIA.

    Here you go, ma'am.

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    Fresh clothes like you wanted. Thank you, Shaz. Got 'em off a lady who was killed by a Timothy Whites van. That's brilliant. Bring Markham in again.

    Diary Of A Mad Artist

    Shake the web. Layton will hate that. Still, not a bad idea for a bird.

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    • Boys and girls, it is precisely 12 of the clock. By Two arrests in two days.

      Episode 79 - Death Dealers

      I've almost certainly lost my job at the bank. Oh, bugger! Still, you're a smart boy. You'll get another job. I'll see you get arrested there and all. You'll be unemployable, Markham. Right then. Time to talk turkey. Gobble away. Oh, that's very good, Mr Hunt. Oh, Mr Hunt, no, no, no.

      Ashes to Ashes, Series 1 Quotes

      Just you. You knew Tyler, didn't you? I write about colleagues who've undergone unusual trauma. And I know he let you down. I thought he was gonna run out on us, but he came back. I'll give him that. Sam came back? Lucky us, eh? Well, where is he? Tyler died during a jewellery blag last year. I told him to wait for the Guv, but he wasn't having it. Gave chase. Put his car in the river.

      Never even found his body. Oh, my God! He was here for seven years! He lived a life here and in reality he was seconds away from death. In real life I might only have been shot a second ago! Look, Tyler didn't listen to the guv and look what happened to him. If you're smart, you'll learn that being where the guv is, is the right place to be.

      Thank you, Mr Hunt. He's giving us the whole network - suppliers, dealers, drop offs. Turn a blind eye to one last deal and we run him out of town for ever. You let Markham off. That's just plain wrong, Gene. Spot of lunch? It's gone six! I'm going to stop you. You bastard. What's-a matter you? Gotta no respect What-a you think you do? Why you look so sad?

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      It's-a not so bad, it's-a nice-a place Ah, shaddap-a you face. Molto divertente. Very funny. On the house. Luigi, another bottle of your house rubbish. Watch this. I love lunch. You know, I invented this world. I invented something once.

      Ashes To Ashes: The Death Dealer Diaries Ashes To Ashes: The Death Dealer Diaries
      Ashes To Ashes: The Death Dealer Diaries Ashes To Ashes: The Death Dealer Diaries
      Ashes To Ashes: The Death Dealer Diaries Ashes To Ashes: The Death Dealer Diaries
      Ashes To Ashes: The Death Dealer Diaries Ashes To Ashes: The Death Dealer Diaries
      Ashes To Ashes: The Death Dealer Diaries Ashes To Ashes: The Death Dealer Diaries

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